Land Rover Links  

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Land Rover Parts

North America

The biggest

Another Vermont resource

Large and helpful parts company on both coasts

California based parts source

High end after market parts

United Kingdom

Large and well respected


One of my personal favorites


Great pricing here, but longer order times and separate freight quotes to the US.


Good old ebay


High-end Aftermarket parts

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Land Rover Forums

The original and one of the best Defender forums, who is that guy?

One of the biggest and best forums on all Land Rovers

American one stop shop for Land Rovers, here is there large from

Another great forum on everything Land Rover

Yet another for everything Land Rover

Emphasis on new models, but includes the old stuff too

British Land Rover Forum. Sadly, registration may be required

Site and forum for the Land Rover owner, mostly newer

Forum specializing in Discos

Disco and other Land Rover forum

International forum, it's a big one

South African Forum

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Land Rover Blogs

Dedicated to the appreciation for the Defender owner

Long time British blog for the International Land Rover Owner

South African Excursions and Blog

British blog on repair and maintenance

Company blog which offers restoration and Service

Colorado Company blog that repairs, services and sells older Land Rovers

News and blogs on upcoming Land Rovers

Blog on one mans restoration of a D90

Australian blog for overland expos